Wait For It

Announcing my intent to post again soon. Meanwhile, here is a picture of my sleep station situation. (mobile upload using ShakeItPhoto)

-Artwork by Spacecraft
-Seagull pillow by West Elm
-Red flower quilt by mom
-Vintage Kantha (I have an awesome [affordable!] supplier for these if interested)


Bag lust



De.De Beatrice Bag (my fav!)

Found on SheBreathes

I keep finding really awesome bags that I can't afford. All images can be found on my Pinterest page.


12 by 2012 recap

The list:

1. Finish my puzzle "painting"
2. Make some gymnastics art (way open to interpretation on my end)
No, I actually did gymnastics. I went to my old gym that I hadn't been to in THIRTEEN years and made my art right then and there. It totally counts.
3. Get to work on time every day for a week straight
I got this done the week right after I wrote this list. It was a one-shot deal.
4. Bake a pie
I baked two pies, thank you. Both were extremely delicious.
5. Tint my new car window
6. Try five new restaurants
Oddfellows, Local 360, Roxy's Back Door (lamb burger of my life!), Il Terrazzo Carmine (thanks, boss), Staple & Fancy
7. Make a stuffed whale for my niece, Evie
8. Clean out my closet
9. Finish a solid draft of my typeface, Lolita
10. Upholster my couch
11. Create a signature cocktail
It's not my true signature drink, but it will suffice until I find the real deal: Whiskey, Triple Sec, and lemon juice. It's about the most delicious thing you've ever tasted, even if you don't like Whiskey (fact).
12. Climb a 5.12a
I actually did a 5.12b. WHAT.

In my defense, several delightfully unexpected things came up that consumed a lot of my time. Namely, the InStyle mention and the West Elm + Etsy show. So I feel like I get a little leeway in that respect. 8 for 12 ain't bad.


New items

I just added a whole bunch of new things to my Etsy shop. Come and take a look-see?


Sidney Ann in InStyle Magazine

My gold leather tote bag made it into InStyle's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide! It's the December issue, available on newsstands now. Yeee-uh!



West Elm + Etsy

Good news, I've been invited to participate in a handmade show at the new West Elm store in downtown Seattle (Westlake & Denny) on December 1st. There will be four other Seattle-based Etsians and me! How lucky am I? Each artist gets to set up all their wares in the store for one evening, and there will be free drinks and snacks and such. It sounds super fun, not to mention a great way to support the arts and community.

This means I've been super busy getting things ready. As you can see above, journals are back - new and improved. Lots of new ideas a-brewing at chez Sidney. Most items won't be available in my Etsy shop until after the show, for obvious reasons.

Apparently, every single one of their stores will be hosting this event on this day so find your nearest West Elm and go! Go forth... and purchase. From the little people.

If you're in Seattle, come say hello on December 1st from 6-9pm at West Elm.